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O feminino e a dor: uma investigação semiótica de trabalhos artísticos de Nazareth Pacheco que tematizam a automutilação


Ilustração: Helena Garcia- Instagram: helenaramos21

Renata Silva Souza


We propose in this essay to carry out a semiotic-pragmatic analysis about the phenomenon of pain representation through works of art such as those developed by Nazareth Pacheco. Reflecting on representations of pain, as well as their possible characterizations, leads us to very old discussions, such as those performed by ancient Greek philosophers. Also the characterization of feminine is interwoven with complex discussions – such as those pertinent to the notion of gender. The choice of the artist in question is due to possibilities of amplifying the concept of ‘mutilation’ that the artist in question seems to raise and amplify with her works of art. Furthermore, since it is an autobiographical work, Pacheco’s works also raise questions of fundamental interest about the pragmatics between individual and society, which, according to our proposal, can be analyzed through the pragmatic perspective of Charles Sanders Peirce.

Keywords: Semiotics. Pragmatism. Nazareth Pacheco. Self-cutting.


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SOUZA, Renata Silva. O feminino e a dor
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