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Princípio Social da Semiótica e Cognição: reflexões a partir da Série Cognitiva do jovem C. S. Peirce


Ilustração: Helena Garcia- Instagram: helenaramos21

Maria Vitória Canesin Lovato


The purpose of this study is to reflect on the social principle of semiotics and its relationship with the cognitive process based on the articles in the Cognition Series (1868-1869), written by Charles Sanders Peirce in his youth. The three articles in this series focus on a critical review of some assumptions of modern Cartesian-inspired rationality, and culminate in the refutation of some cognitive capacities and a proposition of a semiotic approach to cognition, finally announcing a social principle rooted in logic. Looking at the whole series, we can identify prolegomena for the most mature Peircean formulations – such as his objective idealism, synechism and theory of signs – and reflect on how these ideas are related to the philosophical problems that young Peirce dealt with. Thus, we intend to discuss the relevance of considerations about cognition and the claim of the social principle in the logic elaborated in this period.

Keywords: Peirce. Semiotics. Social principle. Cognition.


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LOVATO, Maria Vitória Canesin. Princípio Social da Semiótica e Cognição
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