call for papers for special edition: Pandemics, symbolical effects and hyperconnectivity
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The texts may be written in the authors’ mother tongue, in order to privilege expressiveness. In case of little-known languages, they may be presented with a version in Portuguese or English together. semeiosis understands that the contents of the scientific production may be published as detailed bellow.

Propositional texts of analysis, with conclusive conceptual-theoretical formulations, on the results of
researches or presentation of discoveries.

Texts of exploratory perspective of the research topics or presentation of partial results and future accomplishments.

Texts of experimentation of ideas from points of view that may create, dialogically, spaces for the emergence of abductive reasoning, probabilities and hypotheses.

News Reports
Texts of intersection among journalistic genres, such as investigative and innovation journalism, with the propagation of projects, researches or scholars related to the Journal main subjects. Members of the Semeiosis’ board or invited authors could be requested to keep a deeply contact with the wider scope of the subject reported,  by visiting the place where the research is developed, documenting in the form of images, sounds, interviews, videos etc. It is expected that the final product may be a detailed profile of a researcher, a lab, a research project or institution that is presented as an important document of the scientific knowledge produced. The reports may have further updates, in the form of suites, which will allow readers to follow the development of the project and the obtained results.

Texts of conversational purposes in which are reproduced, in full, the dialog conducted face-to-face or electronically.

Analytical texts of books, movies, exhibitions, websites, games, TV programs or any product of communication that offer contributions for the improvement of semiotic analysis.

Texts on relevant scientific events with the objective of guaranteeing the share of information about specific happenings.

Chronogram of important national and international events.

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