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Semiótica e Imagem de Moda: bases para aplicação dos conceitos de Charles Sanders Peirce à análise de editoriais de moda


Ilustração: Helena Garcia- Instagram: helenaramos21

Alexandra Fernandes Pereira


Using the concepts of phenomenology and triadic logic of the sign, this research aims to highlight the relevant aspects of the application of semiotics by Charles Sanders Peirce to the analysis of fashion editorials, placed as a sign in the semiosis process. The analyzes will be applied to the editorials “apenas GISELE” and “Pés descalços”, published in the Brazilian edition of Vogue magazine, in May 2020, with the purpose of investigating the sign-object-interpretant relationship, in view of the communicative potential of the editorials fashion, as support for the dissemination of trends.

Keywords: Semiotics. Phenomenology. Sign. Fashion Editorial.


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PEREIRA, Alexandra Fernandes. Semiórica e Imagem de Moda.
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